My newest project idea came from our gift shop at the hospital. I saw this “berry-pot-thingy” and they wanted $20 for it. Of course, I thought, “I can do that!!” and for cheaper.

So cute…I plan to try another one next year with darker red and green berries with an aged coppery color pot and pretty matching ribbon.

This is my new entry table David came home with last week to surprise me. I had seen it at Marshall’s and wanted it so bad. I, of course, hinted (a few times, ok, maybe a lot) that I wanted it for Christmas. I may have also threatened him if he didn’t get it for me for Christmas…may have. He didn’t disappoint!!! Its a greenish-coppery colored metal table. Can’ wait to go shopping to fill it up with more dust collectors.

Alexandra’s newest thing is headbands, especially those with flowers. Did you notice the cute pink one in my previous post??

He’s walking!!! He always has to have his hands up in the air when he walks. Seems I remember Alex doing the same thing. It must be “normal”….we hope. haha

Can’t resist this cutie!!!