Its DUN…D.U.N., DONE!!!

So, this morning as I was putting the last 2 doors on the island our island and sink electrical outlets went out. So random!!! David tried flipping the breaker, but we got nothing. All the other outlets are working so its a mystery and if my engineer stepdad can’t figure it out tomorrow then we’ll have to call an electrician.

The only things left to do in the kitchen is repaint the wall a light tan color to lighten the room, add our new stainless steel fridge (we’re getting tomorrow with the tax free deal), and add an outlet spacer to the island outlet to lift the outlet cover up over the bead-board.

So, without further ado, I present to you the new and improved Wesley kitchen….







The hardest part of this whole project (besides learning patience…haha) was the island. I decided to tackle it with bead-board and a nice chunky base board instead of the quarter round. I used my new handy dandy girly tool – the Dremel Multi-Max!! I LOVE this thing!!! It cut through my bead-board nicely.

I bought a miter saw kit for the baseboards and David’s biceps came in real handy for that part. Unfortunately I don’t have any pics of that tool to show you. We had a couple small gaps in the base board, but nothing a little painters caulk couldn’t handle. That stuff is magic I tell ya.

I love this thing!!! How beautiful is this island??!!! I just can’t quit admiring our handy work on this.

(Don’t look at the ugly outlet…that will be fixed once we get the outlet spacer.)

Oh and my other new tool I got for my birthday….this bad boy!!!

Now that my kitchen is back in working order I can actually use it!! Woohoo!!


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