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A Few of My Favorite Things

Wow, 2 posts in 2 days…I’m on a roll here.

So, in my previous post I mentioned how addicted Levi is to Toy Story. I too have an addiction….to Pinterest. This is a website you can “pin” or bookmark things, recipes, ideas, pictures, diy projects, or pretty much anything you can find on the internet. You make “boards” or categories to put your “pins” in. As you “pin” things that either you find or that others have “pinned” to their boards you repin them to your boards to bookmark the ideas, recipes, etc. My Pinterest is mainly recipes, diy projects, teacher gift ideas, and such. It’s free…give it a try. But, I promise you’ll be addicted. One of the many great things I found on there was the magic of ammonia. Seriously, it is my new miracle.

When we bought our house it was only a year old and the people who had it built obviously cooked a lot, but didn’t clean a lot. The stove was brand new, but DISGUSTING with all its caked on grease and who-knows-what on there. I have tried for the last 4.5 years to get that stuff off from scrubbing, spraying cleaner on the stove and letting it sit forever, and even went as far a few weeks ago as scraping the stuff with a knife. Let me tell ya that was a slow process, but worked better than anything I’ve tried, but still not to my liking. You know how anal I am…I want the stove and burners spotless – looking brand spanking new. Well, in comes Pinterest and a “pin” from someone I follow about how to clean your stove and burners with ammonia. Holy Moly, why didn’t I know about this 4.5 years ago. This disgusting stove has caused me lots of anxiety that could have been relieved years ago. So, you put your burner in a large freezer size ziploc bag and pour in a small (really, just a tad is all this needed) amount, seal the bag, set it outside for 12-24 hours, wash it off and voila!!! Clean as butta!! I wish I had taken a before and after so I could prove to you how it really does work. Unfortunately I can’t leave it soaking on the stove itself, but I will be making my ammonia and water potion to scrub the rest off that I didn’t get with the knife and expect it to fully work miracles again.

On to my other top fav things: spray paint and painters caulk!!! Oh yeah, both can make a world of difference. I have spray painted everything I could pretty much get my hands on – our door knobs, vases, picture frames, and light fixtures. I’m sure I’m missing some things. And caulk can patch things up in a jiffy. Simply let it dry and paint over. It’s the magic gap-filler. Love it!!

Of course, my other fav’s are my hubby and kiddo’s. Ammonia, spray paint, and caulk aren’t quite on the same level, but they’re close. 😉