Bathroom Mirror Frame

Something I’ve been wanting to do for some time is frame our mirrors in the bathrooms, but I couldn’t figure out how to do it with those mirror clips. Well, I found a tutorial through my favorite site, Pinterest, and voila!! It worked and looks great. We finished the kids bathroom and will be starting ours this week.

Before (pardon the mess – we had already begun the process):



Turns out our mirrors are already glued to the wall and the clips really serve no purpose. Always check before taking the clips down to make sure the mirrors are glued to the wall. If not, glue the mirror to the wall using the Liquid Nails for mirrors (follow directions on tube). So, we removed the clips and cut our trim. You have to paint half of the back because it does show in the mirror, then paint the front, using Liquid Nails glue it to the mirror directly, caulk the corners (using paintable caulk – one of my fav’s), do a touch-up paint over the caulk once its dry, then you’re done!! So simple.


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