Rapunzel, Pascal and other goodies…

Alexandra’s school doesn’t celebrate Halloween (Christian school), but instead had all the kids pick out their favorite book and make a puppet out of the character. They also have to bring a treat that goes along with the character. She picked out her Tangled book. So we made a Rapunzel puppet and lanterns with candy inside. Because I also found some cute Pascals on Pinterest we had to make those too….of course!!

Found this as a hair clip on Pinterest, but made it bigger and put it on a paint stick for the puppet.

Pascal party blower…so cute!! Her teacher won’t be very happy with me for the noise, but it was too cute not to make.

Lanterns filled with candy.

My next project was doing a bridal cake for a shower I went to this weekend. I had fun making this, but it was harder and turned out more expensive than I originally thought.

Between the “J” and “P” was a heart shaped cookie cutter that would not stay put.

And this is what I looked liked armed and dangerous. I was ready for a fight to the death with the invasion of mosquito’s here in Houston. We could not leave our house this weekend without literally being swarmed by hundreds of mosquito’s. They hovered around all our doors and were even in the garage. We went to four stores and finally found mosquito foggers to place around the outside of the house so we could exit to go run errands this weekend. Poor Levi looks like he has chicken pox because of all his bites. And Alex’s legs look like she’s diseased from all her red and swollen spots.

Armed with a can of fogger and fly swatter I was determined to not get bitten any more. I think the long socks make the outfit, don’t you!!?? 🙂

And, last but not least…I love this pic of Alex and Charwin.

She loves all the horses, but especially loves Miss Charwin.


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