Going Private

I started this blog as a way to quit sending mass emails to family and friends about what the kids were up to. Most of the emails would get kicked back because of the size of the email from all the pictures and/or videos I would attach. This is still the easiest way to share whats going on with us and mainly the kiddo’s, but I have been thinking about going private on the blog for some time….just a bit creepy thinking of who all out there may be watching us through our blog. When I’ve checked the stats and traffic on the blog there have been questionable reference sites checking out the blog and I’m just not comfortable with being public any longer. So, if you want to stay updated on whats going on with all things “Wesley” please let me know and I will add you to the list. You can either comment, email me privately, or let me know via facebook.


3 thoughts on “Going Private

  1. Hi there. I would love to keep reading. I found you through some link via Pinterest and started reading your crafty posts. Then realized that you know Misty.Williston and prayed for her through their adoption. THEN I realized your husband is my friend Laura (Wesley)'s cousin! Small, small world!

  2. Hi there, wow, it is a small world!!! I just checked out your blog and will have to add you to my list of fav's!! I've never used wordpress, but what is your opinion…better than blogger? I wouldn't mind doing the password protected pages and leaving some stuff public. I'm guessing thats a feature on wordpress and not blogger??

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