Anal Moment Monday

What do you mean you don’t have a cleaning schedule posted on your refrigerator??   I use to alternate what chores I would do each weekend – vaccum and dust one weekend and then clean bathrooms the next, but I couldn’t remember what weekend I was on and decided a daily cleaning schedule on paper was the way to go.  Plus, I couldn’t stand going too long with dust on our dark furniture or floors that desparately needed sweeping. So, it goes like this: 

  • Monday – clean master bath
  • Tuesday – clean kids bath
  • Wednesday – clean towels
  • Thursday – wash “gentle cycle” clothes
  • Friday – sweep, do laundry
  • Saturday – dust, wash sheets
  • Sunday – vaccum

Oh, and I might also have a monthly cleaning schedule too.  It might have things such as in January its time for fan and light fixture cleaning and in February it might say something about cleaning air vents and blinds, etc. 

Don’t judge me….I LOVE a clean house.   I get that from my mom!! She’s the only one that understands that crumb on the floor must go NOW and not later or that the dust bunnies will attack if not cleaned often.

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