Anal Moment Monday

Uh hello??!!  Its so much easier to grocery shop if you make your menu for the week….and put it on a calendar on your fridge.  Yep, I make a 2 week menu and write out on my trusty little calendar posted on the fridge what we will have each night for dinner so that we can get everything we need in one grocery shopping trip.  I use to do this weekly, but we now do a 2 week menu and only do grocery shopping once every 2 weeks.  For produce or stuff that might spoil we make a quick (like 10 minute quick) trip to the store by our house on the off-week.  We save money too.  We always prepare ourselves with a list, but of course end up with more things in the cart than whats on the list.  Our first time doing this we spent $207.  On our off week we spent about $65 (produce, milk).  A normal weekly bill for us is about $150 so for 2 weeks this normally would have cost us about $300 but in 2 weeks we spent $272 for a savings of about $28.  Thats close to $60 a month or $720 a year!!! Dave Ramsey would be proud!!


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