Anal Moment Monday

Ok, so I have another tip for you worker bees.  Along with my excel to-do list I keep my voice mail log in excel as well. 

This is also a good way to track calls for “c-y-a” purposes (this is the HR in me…always c-y-a’ing), but also to track who you need to call back or who you left a message with that you need to hear back from, etc.  For example, at my last job I dealt with A LOT of employee relations issues (aka – employees who can’t seem to control their behavior…see why I didn’t enjoy my job. I felt like a parent at work too.).  It was not uncommon a disgruntled employee would call my boss and say “She didn’t call me back and I want to complain to someone about such and such…”.  Ah, my handy little voice mail tracker was great.  I could show that I indeed got the message and called them back with a date and time and that I had to leave a message.  You can also use the filter function if you’re looking for a particular call from someone that you need to refer back to.  Just filter your caller column and voila! 

Very simple, but oh so helpful. 


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