Anal Moment Monday

Our weekends are filled with running errands since we both work full time.  To maximize our time on weekends we I make our errand list, which by the way is pretty anal I must admit, in order of where we have to drive.  For example, if we need to go to Bed Bath & Beyond, Hobby Lobby and Target I write the list in order it makes sense to drive to each one.  If we’re going to take the back way it makes more since to go to Hobby Lobby first then BBB because its on the same side of the street then cross the street to Target.  If we’re going the main way to that side of town it makes more sense to go to BBB, then Hobby Lobby, then back around to Target on our way back home.  Got it??!!  No need to drive from one side of town to the other and back again when you can make one big circle and knock it out much faster.  This seems pretty rational to me and not anal, but I have had some people call me crazy when we’ve talked about it before so I thought I’d share.

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