Anal Moment Monday

If you’re like me, which you’ve figured out by now, I’m all about organization and making life easier….at least to me, its no different with cooking.  You know I make 2 week menu’s and grocery shop in a specific order, but I also keep all my recipes in a big, ginormous binder.  They are catergorized as well….but I guess you figured that would be the case!!  🙂  I have tabs for chicken, beef, seafood, desserts, other (dips, breakfast items, appetizers), vegetables, and cooking tips.  And, you guessed it, the tabs are alphabatized. Duh!!  I used to keep them in a pile in the pantry and would have to sort through a stack at least a foot high.  This way I always know right where to go for the dish I’m making or when deciding what is on our menu for the week.


2 thoughts on “Anal Moment Monday

  1. Jim says:

    Your mother does the same thing. But she has 17 of those books, with tabs, recipes, etc. She still can’t find her favorites.

  2. Anna says:

    OK now, my tabs are not alphabetized…and I have only 4 binders with recipes….but more to follow as soon as I can get the time to organize the dang things……the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!!!! Go Jess!!!!!

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