Anal Moment Monday

Let’s talk trips, shall we?  I know most people think I’m crazy when I mention I make a packing list, but they really think I’m off my rocker when I tell them I make an itinerary for each day we’re on vacation. 

So, one time I decided to be brave and not use my packing list. I was going on a work trip for 2 nights and figured I could do it.  Well, wouldn’t ya know, I forgot something.  It was kind of important too….my uh um, underwear!!! I know, might be too much info, but don’t worry, I washed the one pair I had on each night so they were clean!!  I would have just gone and bought more, but I didn’t have a rent car and was confined to the hotel.  So, that proves my point that I can’t travel without my packing list.  I start making it a couple weeks a month out.  As I think of other things that we need to take I add it to the list.  Then when we actually start packing my stress level is remarkably less.  I rarely have that “I hope I didn’t forget something” feeling.

And then there’s the itinerary. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not set in stone, but we usually have lots of stuff we want to do and are limited on time so to ensure we have enough time to do all the things we want I list them out by day.  If I realize we can’t do everything then we figure out what we want to do the most.  

It’s all about maximizing our time and money on vacations.


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