Worship Through Music

I love music. It has a way of connecting people emotionally more than words sometimes, at least for me.  David and I only listen to contemporary Christian music.  This is certainly not for everyone, but I just can’t get past some of the “wrong” messages that are in mainstream music.  We have little ears that are in the car with us and its important to us they hear music that ministers to people and not music that talks about sexually explicit topics or topics about violence or drug use.  I realize not all music contains those messages, but I’d rather not have to worry about those things period. 

Music is something I really connect with.  It can hit me emotionally more than reading a book or watching tv or a movie.  It’s not unusual that I tear up to a song on the radio or on a cd.  There’s just something about it. 

We’ve been to many Christian concerts and they just don’t compare to any other kind.  Being surrounded by others who share our beliefs and values and being so “close” to the music is an incredible feeling.  So, I thought I’d share some of my favorite songs from our most recent concert.  We have been waiting to see Casting Crowns for years!!  They rarely come through Houston and when they do its been on a weeknight, which doesn’t work with our crazy schedules.  They usually stop by Beaumont or College Station on weekends.  So, when we heard they were going to be here on a Saturday I marked my calendar to buy tickets as soon as possible.  I’ve heard that their concerts are incredible and filled not just with music, but worship.  We have been waiting (somewhat impatiently) to finally see them and they totally lived up to my expectations. 

Matthew West opened for them.  He opened for Third Day in September.  He was great there and we got a chance to see him again as well.  He’s an incredible song writer and writes for other Christian artists and even some mainstream artists.  I also threw in a new song our other favorite artist, Jeremy Camp, did at his concert in November.  I loved it, but can’t remember what the name of the song was. 

Anyway, I hope you enjoy as much as we do. 🙂

Jeremy Camp – Nov. 2011

Matthew West – Strong Enough

Casting Crowns – Courageous

Casting Crowns – Spirit Wind (My favorite song of their new album. I love the bluegrass sound.)

Casting Crowns – Jesus, Friend of Sinners

Casting Crowns – Glory Revealed (This is the song that always reminds me of Gramps and was really special I got to see it performed live.)


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