Anal Moment Monday

Ok, my anal moments are coming to an end.  I know you’ll miss them, but don’t worry as I realize more moments or as they are kindly pointed out by my husband, friends, and family I’ll be sure to share. 🙂  Maybe I’ll share tips on cleaning and organizing as I find them….like this one: 

Pinterest is like the wikipedia for all things clean and organized.  I found a great tip on how to clean cat hair from furniture.  You use gloves, like the kind you use to wash dishes, and dampen the gloves and simply wipe the cat hair away.  It sticks to the glove incredibly well. I did find that I had to rinse the gloves a few times because of all the cat hair.  If I can do this regularly it wouldn’t be so much.  I tried duct tape as another alternative and it worked better than the lint roller, but not as good as the damp gloves.


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