Dinner & Dessert

I’ve been trying new recipes again and thought I’d share the ones that have turned out very delicious…

Oven-Fried Okra – click link for the recipe from The Spotted Fox

*I’m a big fan of fried okra and thought I’d give this one a try since its a bit healthier and I gotta say it was pretty darn good. Alexandra loved them too. And Levi even liked them!!

Chicken with Basil and Sun-dried Tomato Cream Sauce – click link to see recipe from The Girl Who Ate Everything

*Even David loved this one…you know, he’s a picky eater so any recipe I try that he approves becomes a staple in our house!!

Deep Dark Chocolate Cake – click link to see recipe from Becky Bakes.

*This is a super duper moist cake and the frosting tastes like a mousse! David isn’t a fan of chocolate cake, but he loves it! I brought half of it to work and it was a huge hit!!

*During dinner last night Alex didn’t want her chicken, but we told her she had to eat a few bites if she wanted chocolate cake. She seemed to actually like it after she tried it and when I asked her if she liked it after all she responded very enthusiastically with “No, but I really, really want chocolate cake so I’m gonna eat it!”. 


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