Anal Moment Monday

Maybe I’m late to discover this little secret, but if you prefer grocery shopping with your list organized by the layout of the store like myself, you’ll enjoy this little tidbit.

Since we moved we are shopping at a new grocery store closer to our new house. Problem is I can’t figure out the layout of this store to save my life.  So, we end up back and forth unnecessarily and it ends up taking us longer than we’d prefer so as we were walking out last week I asked the man standing by the door if they had a map showing the layout of the store and low and behold they did!  Halleluiah!! 

That just made my day! I can now make the “proper” grocery list in order of the store layout.  Finally!!


Anal Moment Monday

Ok, so I’m a day behind, but whatever…..

You may remember me mentioning my love for vacation planning a while back.  We are planning a Disney World vacation with the kiddo’s for next year (Christmas time-ish 2014) and of course, my brain is already in full vacation planning mode…I know, almost 2 years in advance is a bit much, but I’m seriously overwhelmed at all the information out there about Disney planning.

I think I hit the holy grail of vacation planning websites for Disney World.  I’m so in love with this website.  There are many planning/tips websites out there for Disney, but they’re not very user friendly or the information isn’t organized and just looking at the website feels overwhelming, but this one is very organized, laid out well, easy to navigate, and great for us anal folks.  I’m in Disney planning heaven!! 

Shannon, the owner of the site, is also available personally for questions/concerns.  Trust me, I’ve already made contact with her.  Ha! 

I highly recommend this site if you’re also in the planning stages or soon to be planning stages for a Disney World trip.


In addition, to vacation planning for Disney, to help us save we are using the “52 week challenge”. I stumbled across this via Facebook and have no idea who the creator of the plan is, but they are a genius too.  We decided to double it. For example instead of doing $2 for week 2 we are putting in $4 for week 2 and instead of $5 for week 5 we’re putting in $10 and so on.  By the time we plan to book (next summer) we should have close to $4000.  It takes the anxiety out of figuring out how to save for the trip too.

This would be a great tool for anything you might be saving for. We (and by “we” I mean “me”) created an envelope with the weeks and amounts on it. As we throw cash in there we mark off that week. We’re actually ahead of the game and already at week 13. 

52 week challenge

Happy planning!