Anal Moment Monday

Maybe I’m late to discover this little secret, but if you prefer grocery shopping with your list organized by the layout of the store like myself, you’ll enjoy this little tidbit.

Since we moved we are shopping at a new grocery store closer to our new house. Problem is I can’t figure out the layout of this store to save my life.  So, we end up back and forth unnecessarily and it ends up taking us longer than we’d prefer so as we were walking out last week I asked the man standing by the door if they had a map showing the layout of the store and low and behold they did!  Halleluiah!! 

That just made my day! I can now make the “proper” grocery list in order of the store layout.  Finally!!

2 thoughts on “Anal Moment Monday

  1. Laurel says:

    I was about half way through this and thought “ask for a map” then got to the bottom and read that’s just what you did :). Great minds……LOL

  2. I had no idea stores did that. They move stuff around too often and I didn’t they would want to make maps everytime they move things. Who knew?! I love it and it worked great with our grocery shopping this last weekend.

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