Fish Taco’s

I often complain about how David can’t seem to keep the kitchen clean while he’s cooking something, but among the mess he always comes up with some masterpiece.  He has a knack for throwing spices and seasonings together and it coming out just right.

One of my fav’s of his is his fish taco’s.  I could eat seafood everyday of my life and have a slight obsession with fish taco’s.  These are relatively healthy as well, except for the spicy ranch, but if you go light it’s pretty healthy.

I hope you enjoy these as much as we do…every week!! Yep, these have become our lunch after church every Sunday.  With one pound of tilapia we get 4 taco’s each and still have left overs. I take these to work and throw them in a container full of lettuce and make a salad of it.  Super yummy left over too.


Here’s what ya need:

1 lb – tilapia

HEB Blackening Seasoning (or if you’re not lucky enough to have an HEB near you any blackening seasoning will do)

TexJoy Fajita Seasoning

1/2 cube – Land O’Lakes Garlic & Herb Saute Express

Olive oil

Corn tortilla’s

Lettuce – field greens or romaine

Shredded Mexican cheese

1-2 – Avocado’s

Hidden Valley Spicy Ranch

Here’s what ya do:

Liberally coat the tilapia on both sides with the blackening and fajita seasoning.  Put a very thin layer of olive oil in a pan or skillet.  Add your 1/2 cube of Land O’Lakes Garlic & Herb butter.  Let that melt.

While cooking your tilapia be sure to toast your corn tortilla’s.  David puts 3-4 in our toaster oven at a time (overlapping is ok) on a medium toast.

Once the butter is melted and olive oil is heated add your tilapia, flipping it to cook each side.  Takes about 2-3 minutes on each side or until you see the tilapia turn white and flake easily.

Once the fish is done simply pile your taco as you like. We typically put a thin layer of Hidden Valley Spicy Ranch down the middle, then add lettuce, chopped avocado, our fish, and top with Mexican cheese.


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