Tomato and Basil Chicken

This was a great and relatively healthy meal to make.  Everyone gave it a thumbs up. For the recipe from Menu Musings click here.

The only things I would change is I would:

  • Use an additional 1-2 tbsp’s of butter with the olive oil while the chicken is cooking.
  • Double the garlic.
  • Double the basil.
  • We also didn’t cut up our chicken in bites. We just stuck our chicken breasts right on top of our pasta. And quite frankly, I could have just eaten it without the pasta.

Basil chicken

Brown Sugar Roasted Salmon  Another excellent salmon recipe discovered via Pinterest from A Sweet Chef.

Although my husband liked this recipe he prefers the other salmon recipe I posted about here.

Our daughter and I thoroughly enjoyed this one.  Its completely different than the other salmon recipe so you can’t really compare them.  This has a sweet flavor to it and smells divine as its cooking. 

I followed the recipe exactly as is and it was easy, quick and great.