Christmas Decorating

Last year we didn’t up any decorations because we had just moved in right before Christmas and I couldn’t get our boxes unpacked much less get all the decorations out. We put up our tree and that was it.

So, this year I spent way too much money getting extra decorations for this house. With stairs I had to have garland so my mom and I went on a mission to get everything I needed.  After a total of 9 hours (over the course of a week) I finally finished!! Oh my goodness….I hate garland!  My fingers have been all sliced up and the amount of needles and glitter everywhere is ridiculous!  It is so pretty though and next year all I’ll have to do is put it up since all the decorations will stay on.

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I also got this little tree from my Granny a couple years ago and we put this by the front door and I got done decorating that just this morning.  Next up is our new big tree. I have been on the hunt for a 12′ tree, but the only one I can find that I like is over $500 and I just can’t stomach that much for a tree so we’re getting a 9′ one today.  I’ll have to post pics of that later.

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Alex’s Room

I’ve been meaning to post this project for a while, but time always gets away from me.  When we moved Alex wanted a “horse” room so we got rid of yellow, green and purple butterflies and switched to pink, brown, and white horses.

Aside from giving the vanity my Gramps made a fresh coat of paint, new knobs, and recovered bench I also re-did her bulletin board.





Of course, now its filled with pics, but I think it turned out cute. Simple, but cute.

Here’s a couple other added “horse” things that I love in her room…both found on Etsy.

005 006

The last things to do in her room is re-paint her armoire white and make her some curtains. One of these days I’ll get around to it.  The armoire is just so massive and the thought of taking it down stairs to the garage and back up again kills me.