Oh Christmas Tree

Seems I never got around to posting pics of our new, decorated tree. I finally convinced David we needed a 12’ tree over the puny little 6’ tree we had from our last house. The 6’ tree worked great in our last house, but we didn’t have 20’ ceilings so a 6’ tree in our new living room seemed weird.  The tree branches at the bottom hang so low we ended up putting the tree up on cinder blocks so we could have room to put presents under the tree.  So, the 12’ tree is now more like a 13’ tree.  I love it!



Another project I managed to finish this season was the charger counting down till Christmas.  This was actually something my mom found on Pinterest and I thought it was so cute and simple so I copied the idea.  You simply paint the center of a charger plate with chalkboard paint and let it dry.  Then decorate and/or write whatever you want on it.  It would be cute on different colored charger plates for multiple holidays or events you may be counting down to.


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