Re-covering a Lamp Shade

So, my parents got Alex this lamp at Christmas and I just got around to recovering the lamp shade. The lamp itself is a horse statue, but the lamp shade was, shall we say, not cute??  I had been looking for a lamp shade all over creation when it dawned on me one day to just recover the one that came with it.

So, first I had to take the ribbon off the top and bottom edges.

The ribbon was also on top.  You can see the holes from where I already took those out.

The ribbon was also on top. You can see the holes from where I already took those out.

Then I traced the shape on some packing paper I had left over from our move. I did have to dig in to the pile a bit to find some that had not been eaten by Charlie!! That cat!

Just roll it as you trace. Do this for both the top and bottom.

Just roll it as you trace. Do this for both the top and bottom.

Then I cut the pattern out and placed my fabric (left over from the blanket my mom made for Alex) face down.  I put double sided tape on the pattern and then stuck it to the fabric so it wouldn’t move while I was trying to cut the fabric. I cut just a tab bit (about a 1/4″) higher than the pattern where the top of the lamp shade was so that I could have some overhang that could be tucked in at the top for a cleaner look.



Fabric right-side up after being cut to size.

After cutting the fabric I ironed it real well so the creases wouldn’t show.  Then I used fabric glue and put a thin line around the top and bottom of the lamp shade and carefully rolled the fabric onto the lamp shade. I really wanted fabric glue in an aerosol can, but I couldn’t find it. I think that would be much better. You could see the glue even after it dried a bit so I didn’t want it showing through on the lamp shade and knew I’d be covering the edges with ribbon.

After gluing the fabric I trimmed any that was hanging over at the bottom of the shade and folded in the top that hung over into the top of the shade. Then I glued ribbon around the edges.  To hold it in place I used clothes pins, but big mistake. We left to eat dinner at my parents and the clothes pins ended up sticking to the ribbon and leaving a tan color where they were attached.  I should have just hot glued the ribbon instead.  I didn’t want to tear the ribbon off so I just hot glued another layer over the first.  The hot glue doesn’t show through like the fabric glue did. I probably could have used hot glue on the edges with the fabric too instead of fabric glue.

with the clothes pins

with the clothes pins

Funny story – after I got it to this point…with the clothes pins I asked Alex if she liked it. She said, “I don’t really like it mommy. It looks weird.” Ha!  She thought we were leaving the clothes pins on! Crazy kid.

Here’s the final product. The ribbon is a bit wavy from sitting on top of another layer of ribbon, but it works.  I love it. It matches the blanket that sits on the end of her bed.



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