Cash-Back Savings Tip

I can’t remember where I heard this tip, but I’ve been using these sites for about a year now and have received several checks from both sites probably totaling around $100.  Not much, but its $100 more than I had. I don’t do a lot of shopping, but if I were a frequent shopper I would save even more. and are cash-back sites.  You can sign up for free and if you’re planning on buying something online from say, The Children’s Place, check each site first to see if they have cash-back offers. They’ll pair the cash-back offers with discounts from the online stores as well so you don’t miss out on a sale in place of the cash-back offer.  If you find the store you’re looking for and they do have a cash back offer simply click on the link and it will take you to the online store and you place your order like you normally would.  Once the order has been processed your cash-back account on these sites is updated.  They’ll send you a check or deposit the cash into your bank account after you reach about $20 in cash back.

Always check each site since often one offers a better cash-back reward than the other.

For example, you need to order snowsuits for the kids and you’ve seen some on the Children’s Place website you like and they’re having a great sale with free shipping. And yes, I said snowsuits, even though its 90 degrees out here in Texas because I’ve got a winter Colorado trip on my brain. Anyway, go search ebates and shopathome.  Let’s say ebates is offering a 5% cash-back offer and shopathome is offering a 7% cash-back offer. Click the link on shopathome’s site and it will take you to the Children’s Place website where you’ll place your order like normal. So, if your order total (pre-tax) is $150, shopathome will put $10.50 into your cash-back account and once you hit $20 they’ll pay out your account.

This is a great way to save additional money, especially if you shop online a lot.  You could even try things on in stores and then go order online to save even more using one of these sites. They even offer cash back sometimes on sites like Amazon.

So, let the Christmas shopping begin!!

Crock-Pot Lemon Chicken

Um folks, this is the best lemon chicken recipe ever. I have one that I’ve used for years, but we really love this one even more. You can see the recipe here from Life in the Lofthouse.  I didn’t change anything. I cooked in the crock-pot for 3 hours as she mentions in the update. We pair this with a veggie and wild rice.  The wild rice is so good with the juice from the crock-pot.



*Image from Life in the Lofthouse.