Anal Moment Monday

Maybe I’m late to discover this little secret, but if you prefer grocery shopping with your list organized by the layout of the store like myself, you’ll enjoy this little tidbit.

Since we moved we are shopping at a new grocery store closer to our new house. Problem is I can’t figure out the layout of this store to save my life.  So, we end up back and forth unnecessarily and it ends up taking us longer than we’d prefer so as we were walking out last week I asked the man standing by the door if they had a map showing the layout of the store and low and behold they did!  Halleluiah!! 

That just made my day! I can now make the “proper” grocery list in order of the store layout.  Finally!!

Anal Moment Monday

Ok, so I’m a day behind, but whatever…..

You may remember me mentioning my love for vacation planning a while back.  We are planning a Disney World vacation with the kiddo’s for next year (Christmas time-ish 2014) and of course, my brain is already in full vacation planning mode…I know, almost 2 years in advance is a bit much, but I’m seriously overwhelmed at all the information out there about Disney planning.

I think I hit the holy grail of vacation planning websites for Disney World.  I’m so in love with this website.  There are many planning/tips websites out there for Disney, but they’re not very user friendly or the information isn’t organized and just looking at the website feels overwhelming, but this one is very organized, laid out well, easy to navigate, and great for us anal folks.  I’m in Disney planning heaven!! 

Shannon, the owner of the site, is also available personally for questions/concerns.  Trust me, I’ve already made contact with her.  Ha! 

I highly recommend this site if you’re also in the planning stages or soon to be planning stages for a Disney World trip.


In addition, to vacation planning for Disney, to help us save we are using the “52 week challenge”. I stumbled across this via Facebook and have no idea who the creator of the plan is, but they are a genius too.  We decided to double it. For example instead of doing $2 for week 2 we are putting in $4 for week 2 and instead of $5 for week 5 we’re putting in $10 and so on.  By the time we plan to book (next summer) we should have close to $4000.  It takes the anxiety out of figuring out how to save for the trip too.

This would be a great tool for anything you might be saving for. We (and by “we” I mean “me”) created an envelope with the weeks and amounts on it. As we throw cash in there we mark off that week. We’re actually ahead of the game and already at week 13. 

52 week challenge

Happy planning!

A Few Favorite Essentials

Ok, so this isn’t my typical post, but after a conversation with a co-worker recently I thought I’d share a few of my favorite essentials. I’ll refrain from referring to them as “beauty products” because I’ve always felt that I’m not the typical fru-fru, beauty product, spas, massages, mani’s/pedi’s type girl, but after this conversation I realized I do have some essentials that I must have.  So, maybe this makes me a “practical product” type girl. Let’s go with that!! 

The conversation started with a question from a co-worker about how I get my hair so shiny. After a brief second I responded with “genetics and baby powder”. This turned into an unusual products conversation between several of us. So here’s my list of must have’s:

Gillette Venus Razors

– I have super sensitive skin and these are the only razors (disposable and electric) that I have tried that don’t kill my skin.

Baby Powder

– I have very oily hair and by the end of the day it has a tendency to be very oily, dirty, and stringy looking.  I can’t remember where I learned this little trick, but I’ve been doing it for years and I swear it works to help absorb the oil.  After blow drying my hair I put about 2 quarter-sized dollops of baby powder in the palm of my hand and rub my hands together and with my head flipped over I run my hands through my hair at the scalp.  And if we’re headed out someone where in the evening I’ll rub a little more.  As an added benefit it makes my hair super shiny!

A&D Diaper Ointment– I have very dry lips and am constantly applying chap stick throughout the day and at night I coat my lips, including around the outside of my mouth, with A&D diaper ointment. This stuff can cure chapped lips better than anything!!

Proactiv– Love this stuff!! I have had bad acne from the moment puberty hit. I remember being in 6th grade and having kids call me pepperoni face.  Yeah, kids are cruel.  I have tried just about every kind of topical and oral medication you can think of including Accutane twice with no results.  I started using Proactiv about 6 or 7 years ago and love it.  It helped cure about 70% of my acne issues.

Spironolactone– This is the other miracle for my skin!!  It is actually a blood pressure medication, but is also used for other treatments such as adult hormonal related acne.  I’ve been taking this for 2 years now and have had maybe 2 pimples in 2 years!! My acne is related to hormones and shows up as big knots under the skin that last for weeks at a time. They are so lovely, let me tell ya! This medication blocks the hormones from reaching the skin thus stopping this type of acne.  It has also made my skin super smooth and less oily.  Big bonuses!!  It does have some side effects. The biggest one is you can not get pregnant on this medication. It will interfere with the hormonal production of fetuses and cause babies to be hermaphrodites (having both sex organs) so you HAVE to use some sort of birth control. It also has a tendency to reduce potassium levels so every 6 months potassium levels have to be checked. 

Sensodyne and mouth wash

– I also have a tendency to get canker sores on the insides of my cheeks or on the side of my tongue from stress. I always know when I hit my max stress level because one of these painful little fella’s pops up. After having multiple ones that hurt so bad I could barely eat or even talk I did some research and found that normal toothpaste has an ingredient in it that has been shown to cause or increase the prevalence of canker sores. Sensodyne or other sensitive toothpastes do not have this ingredient.  In addition to the sensitive toothpaste if you use mouth wash religiously at least twice a day it will keep these little annoyances at bay. I’ve been using this routine for about a year now and have only had 1 pop up…much less than previous experiences.

Hydrogen Peroxide – I use this also for when I get canker sores. I use it after my mouth wash. I’ve only had to use it for this purpose one time in the last year. But, it also comes in handy when I start getting a sore throat. I gargle 2-3 times a day and it helps ward off any cold I may have been getting. I tend to get colds/sinus infections a lot these days. I think Levi wore my immune system down.  I have frequent colds and allergies to prove it!!

So, there you have it! My favorite essentials.  Not your typical beauty creams and products, but again, I’ve never been that kind of girl. Give me practical any day!

Anal Moment Monday

Base boards and dust….need I say more?

Dusting the baseboards in 1-2 rooms each week is one of Alexandra’s chores, but I really wanted to do a good cleaning of the baseboards. The problem was I really didn’t want to have to bend over and kill my back.  So it dawned on me to use our mop.  I rarely use the mop now that I have a Rubbermaid Reveal mop that I love, but I figured I could use the old mop and save my back. It worked great.  I just swept it over the baseboards as I walked through the house and then threw the mop head in the wash.  Quick, easy and pain-free!!

Happy cleaning!

Anal Moment Monday

Cleaning tip day.

I use Lime-Away to not only clean the water build up and calcium around the faucets, but I also use it to clean the bottom of our shower.  I tried borax as suggested by someone on Pinterest, but it just didn’t do it for me.  The bottom of the shower didn’t look too bad, but had just a tint of gray that needed to be cleaned.  The borax didn’t seem to do anything for it so I sprayed some Lime-Away and let it sit overnight.  The next morning I used a scrub brush and barely had to scrub the floor.  The dirt and grime came right up and I simply washed it away.  The shower is like new again. 

I love when I don’t have to put too much elbow grease into cleaning!!

Happy cleaning!

Anal Moment Monday

How about a cleaning tip I discovered for todays anal moment??

We are prepping our house to put on the market in the coming months and on the to-do list was to clean the oven.  I had made some sweet potato’s about 2 years ago that leaked everywhere (I forgot to put them on a baking sheet) and I never cleaned the mess.  Very unanal-like of me, I know.

I searched on Pinterest the best way to clean it without having to buy some expensive, magical cleaner.  The solution:  baking soda and water.  Who knew??

I started with about half a cup of baking soda and added water until it became a paste-like consistency and then I used a sponge to lather it in the oven and on the inside of the glass door of the oven.  I let it sit for 15 minutes then wiped it up with a damp cloth.  Amazing!!!  The stuff came right up and no scrubbing was necessary. 

Happy cleaning!


Anal Moment Monday

Ok, my anal moments are coming to an end.  I know you’ll miss them, but don’t worry as I realize more moments or as they are kindly pointed out by my husband, friends, and family I’ll be sure to share. 🙂  Maybe I’ll share tips on cleaning and organizing as I find them….like this one: 

Pinterest is like the wikipedia for all things clean and organized.  I found a great tip on how to clean cat hair from furniture.  You use gloves, like the kind you use to wash dishes, and dampen the gloves and simply wipe the cat hair away.  It sticks to the glove incredibly well. I did find that I had to rinse the gloves a few times because of all the cat hair.  If I can do this regularly it wouldn’t be so much.  I tried duct tape as another alternative and it worked better than the lint roller, but not as good as the damp gloves.

Anal Moment Monday

Have we talked coupons before???  Well, like my recipe binder I also have a coupon binder that I keep in the car.  This isn’t for grocery coupons, but don’t worry I organize those too in a coupon organizer and go through them after making my grocery list.  This binder is separated by tabs for: restaurants, dept stores, sandwiches, pizza, burgers, home/auto, and other.  We get lots of coupons in the mail to places like Carters, Ann Taylor Loft, Shipley’s Donuts (yum!!) and to various restaurants we frequent, etc so I stick them in their little home in the binder and we always have them with us when we’re out and about just in case we need them.

Anal Moment Monday

Mmmmm, peanut butter.  This really isn’t any sort of “tip”, but David does make fun of me for doing this so I thought I’d share.  Perhaps it will make you smile too.  I love peanut butter straight from the jar.  I have this thing though about leaving the jar “pretty” inside.  For some reason my OCD really, really kicks in here.  I’ll scoop out what I want, but always make sure to smooth out the peanut butter so its a nice flat surface like its a brand new jar just opened.  I know, I know….this is really bad. I admit it!!