Cabinets and Cuties

I finished our bathroom cabinets and LOVE LOVE LOVE them. The color is Espresso (without the glaze). The color actually looks better in our kitchen because there is more light, but I still love the dark chocolatey brown.


The color is a bit dark in these pics. They look black, but they are a dark chocolate.

from the toilet room (forgot a before pic) – the chocolate shows more in this pic

And, of course the cuties…

Levi wearing Mr. Potato-Head glasses…he loved wearing these.

Literally playing in the toy box.

He’s a big boy and sits in a booster seat at the table now. He is a slow eater and gets upset when we leave him at the table by himself.

Alex and her horse-back riding….

She does a good job cleaning his shoes…this is Preacher.

carrying his bridle and reigns

She loves riding outdoors and the weather was nice yesterday.