Christmas Projects and Letter to Santa

The Sunday after Thanksgiving we put up the decorations and Alexandra actually did a great job this year helping. I usually have to go back afterwards and rearrange the ornaments she hangs because they’re always in one spot with several on a branch. She did great this time – no need for rearranging this year!!

This was her letter she wrote to Santa. She told me what she wanted to write, I wrote it on paper, and she copied it. She did pretty good.

This is our advent calendar we’re doing this year (guess where I found this…of course, Pinterest). Each day we add a cottonball to Santa’s beard and when its all full he’ll be here!! Nevermind the turtle magnets…haha. I just realized it looks like one is trying to eat his hat.

Some other pinterest inspiration….

Our snowman wreath…so cute.

Gift boxes covered in different material. Love these.

Thanksgiving Gifts

I made owl bags stuffed with brownies and chocolate chip cookies for Alexandra’s teachers and found an adorable pilgrim printable to wrap around a Hershey’s bar for the kids in her class. Alexandra helped briefly until she decided a movie was more fun!!!

The sign on the owl says “Thanks for making me wiser…Happy Thanksgiving!!”.

And Another Project

Another pinterest inspiration….

I painted various frames, put burlap in the background, glued clips, and voila….a place to change out and display the kids art and cute pics.

Alexandra’s art – it says “I see me.”

Another Alexandra masterpiece – this is Rapunzel. I asked why she had dark hair and she said she couldn’t find the yellow crayon!! haha

Levi’s hand print Halloween cat.